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Tuesday, July 23 2024


9 Common Foods in Your Kitchen That May Help You Lose Weight

12-May-2024 Health & Lifestyle

Diet and exercise are essential companions on the journey to weight...

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Health Benefits of Adding Avocado to Your Diet

01-May-2024 Health & Lifestyle

Avocados, hailed for their rich nutrient profile, offer a myriad of health advantages when incorporated into your daily...

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Top 10 Stress-Relieving Foods for Better Health

23-Mar-2024 Health & Lifestyle

Managing stress is crucial for both mental and physical...

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Influencer’s Daily Raw Chicken Diet Sparks Viral Controversy

04-Feb-2024 Trending On Web

In one such food experiment, the man's goal is to keep eating raw chicken until he experiences a "tummy ache," and he has been doing...

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Keto Diet Shows Promise in Polycystic Kidney Disease Control

12-Dec-2023 Health & Lifestyle

The first randomised controlled clinical trial found that the ketogenic diet, which consists of foods with very low carbohydrate levels, is effective in controlling polycystic...

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Short sleep, shift work may raise risk of high BP: Study

16-Nov-2023 Health & Lifestyle

Short sleep lengths, daytime napping, shift work and even long sleep lengths have been linked to an increased risk of elevated blood pressure and cardiovascular...

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Vegan diet can reduce hot flashes in postmenopausal women by 95%: Study

16-Nov-2023 Health & Lifestyle

Women who experience postmenopausal vasomotor symptoms, or hot flashes can greatly benefit by following a vegan diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans, finds...

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Practising mindfulness can foster heart-healthy food choices: Study

05-Nov-2023 Health & Lifestyle

Practising mindfulness focused on healthy eating can be good for the heart, a new study shows, because it improves self-awareness and helps people stick to...

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Herbal formulations can help control blood sugar levels: Study

05-Nov-2023 Health & Lifestyle

With the surge in diabetes cases, a study has suggested a healthy lifestyle and diet coupled with anti-diabetic properties of herbal formulations can help control...

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Strength training may lower health risks of high-protein diet: Study

22-Oct-2023 Health & Lifestyle

Researchers have said that progressive strength training using resistance could protect against the harmful effects of a high-protein diet.According to the study published in the...

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Women with heart healthy diet in midlife face less cognitive decline later

20-Oct-2023 Health & Lifestyle

Women with heart healthy diets during middle age were about 17 per cent less likely to report memory loss and other signs of cognitive decline...

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