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Promising singer-songwriter Jewel Lasrado earns triple awards

Promising singer-songwriter Jewel Lasrado earns triple awards
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Mumbai: In a thrilling turn of events, the immensely talented Jewel Lasrado was bestowed with the esteemed titles of Best Artist & Best Song in the Under 18 category for her song “Six Feet Under” at the highly acclaimed Clef Music Awards. Furthermore, the same song also received the award for Most Creative Visualisation by song dew.

Incorporating his distinct talent and creative vision into the project, Gladwin Pinto, an accomplished artist from Mangalore, assumed the role of Creative Director for the song. The awards ceremony, presented by Indian Television Dot Com Group’s, took place on 28 June 2023 at the Novotel Hotel, Mumbai. This grand event marked the third edition of the Clef Music Awards, a unique and annual presentation ceremony designed to honour and recognize outstanding musical achievements by performers from March 2022 to February 2023.

Jewel Lasrado’s exceptional and melodic song “Six Feet Under” emerged as a standout piece, which captured the hearts and minds of the judges and audience and left them spellbound. The song’s evocative lyrics and mesmerizing composition undoubtedly left a lasting impression, which lead to its well-deserved recognition.

Born in the vibrant city of Mangalore, Jewel Lasrado is a talented singer-songwriter and composer, who has been making waves in the music industry with her soulful and euphonious voice and lyrics which spring profoundly from the core of her heart woven with authentic passion. Currently residing in Bangalore, Jewel’s journey as a musician began at a tender age and has been nurtured by her unwavering dedication to her craft.

Jewel’s musical talent is in her DNA, as she comes from a family that appreciates and embraces art. Her parents, Sujit Nayan James Lasrado and Sabitha Lasrado, have been pillars of support, by going that extra mile, empowering and encouraging her to pursue her dream. Jewel’s maternal grandparents, Louisa and Late Dolphy Dsouza, and her paternal grandparents, Celine and John William Lasrado, have been instrumental in nurturing her artistic inclinations.

John William Lasrado, in particular, is a proud member of the Lion’s Club Sullia, having dedicated more than 50 years in serving the community, largely impacting Jewel’s values, especially, the Joy of Giving.

Jewel’s musical education commenced at the esteemed Harmony School of Music, in Bangalore under the guidance of renowned Sandra Oberoi. It was at this reputed school that she meticulously honed her skills and cultivated a profound comprehension of music theory. Jewel has grown significantly in confidence and style as a singer, and her sessions with Kezevi (her tutor at Harmony) have instilled a newfound maturity and grace in her approach to singing each song.

Jewel completed her schooling at Christ Academy, Bangalore, where she found a nurturing environment that provided immense support and encouragement for her musical endeavours. During her time at the academy, Jewel received valuable guidance and support from her then Principal, Fr Joice Eluvathingal, as well as from the dedicated faculty.

Jewel pursued her higher education at Christ Junior College, Bangalore. It was during this time that she truly discovered her love for songwriting and began composing her own music. Jewel’s exceptional gifted voice has earned recognition on the international stage, resulting in numerous award nominations and notable victories. These nominations serve as a testament to the impact of her music and the admiration she has garnered across borders.

Throughout her career, Jewel Lasrado has released a few captivating singles that have enamoured audiences with their poetic lyrics and enchanting melodies. Some of her notable releases include “Heavens,” “Some Things Never Change,” and “Burn My Bridges.” Each song showcases Jewel’s ability to evoke powerful emotions and connect with listeners on a profound level. To explore and enjoy these captivating singles, you can visit Jewel Lasrado’s official YouTube artist page at

In addition to her accomplishments, Jewel Lasrado’s music videos have been meticulously directed by the acclaimed director Gladwin Pinto, accompanied by the talented cinematographer Raushan Jha. The audio production, on the other hand, was skilfully handled by the immensely talented Yogesh Pradhan (GATC) & Benson Chacko. Their collective expertise and artistic contributions have accelerated the quality and immersive experience of Jewel’s music videos.

Jewel Lasrado continues to make her mark in the music industry. Her captivating voice and heartfelt compositions are sure to resonate with audiences far and wide. Her powerful, mellifluous voice is indeed a treat to the audience’s ears. With her unwavering passion for music and dedication to her craft, Jewel is poised to become a prominent figure in the world of singer-songwriters and composers, leaving an indelible impact in the hearts of her listeners at all times. She is indeed a promising star of this millennium. In Jewel’s musical journey ahead, she is receiving guidance and mentorship from Dr John Franco Tharakan.

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