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Sunday, July 14 2024
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Wild Encounter: Large Alligator Eats Another in Viral Video

Photo Credit : Instagram

The harsh aspect of nature is depicted in a new Instagram video that has gone viral. The footage shows a huge alligator quietly floating in the water. It was shot in a swamp.

The larger gator lunges at the tiny alligator and clamps its jaws around it, quickly changing the tone of the scenario.

The larger reptile dominates its smaller counterpart in the video, pounding it to the ground in order to subjugate it. The bigger alligator has a tight hold throughout the brief fight. Viewers’ responses to the video, which has received over 3.5 million views, have been diverse.


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While some expressed shock and questioned why an animal would resort to cannibalism, others offered humorous remarks. However, the overall sentiment seems to be one of fascination with the raw display of nature.

“Eating its own, nature ain’t no joke,” commented a user.

“I’m literally scared in my bed, like he’s throwing me around like that,” wrote another user.

This behavior, while surprising to some, falls in line with known alligator tendencies. Alligators are opportunistic feeders, meaning they readily consume anything they can overpower and swallow. Additionally, alligators can be territorial, especially during mating season. In such cases, a larger male might see a smaller one as competition and eliminate it to secure dominance in its territory.

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