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Date : 22-07-2021

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  1. Geo Agrar is a multifaceted personality who is a literatureist by passion, a good student mentor for placements who guided more than thousands of students into their career, a leader and a philosopher. I wish him the best into his vision of upbringing sahitya and literature, and I am sure he will do wonders in his mission.

  2. Congress party has wasted tax payers money without thinking of future of our country. Just stupid people who distribute cash money to public. Just recollect what Ex. PM Rajiv Gandhi told ” Just 15 paisa reaches public out of 100 paise”. Means Loan mela was Just another method to siphon tax payers money.

  3. Block Buster Movie Super comedy wonderful Music and mind blowing singing . Fantastic lyrics too. Super acting from Roopi and the entire team. Wish this team very good luck in future days to come.

  4. Hi sir
    I’m vyshnavi c v from st.joseph’s convent girls high school Mandy’s

  5. Very good afternoon Sir/Madam.
    Please correct the following:
    Correct name of Victim is :Amod Korada
    Place :He is from Odisha not from Assam.
    Thanks 🙏!

  6. It will be dead City soon. No planning from’s sad to see in the name of development resources are being drained and natural balance is disturbed.